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    1. All About the Covenants2. God's Holy Days—Should They Be Observed?3. Days of Unleavened Bread—How Should They Be Observed?4. The Hebrew Calendar—Is It Reliable?5. The Hebrew Calendar6. The Doctrine of Pentecost—How and Why It Was Changed!7. Why a Monday Pentecost?8. The Plain Truth About Pentecost9. Passover and Pentecost—What Are the Facts?10. The Doctrine of Divorce and Remarriage—How and Why It Was Changed!11. The Truth About Marriage and Divorce12. Divorce and Remarriage—What Should Christians Know?13. Marriage and Separation—Facts You Should Know15. What Does the Bible Teach About Change?16. Doctrinal Changes—How They Affect You!17. Departure from Truth—Is It Justified?18. Can True Christians Be Deceived?19. What Does It Mean to "Prove" the Truth?20. How Do Christians Come to a Knowledge of the Truth?21. What Is the Faith Once Delivered?22. What Does It Mean to Deny Christ?23. God's Church—Revelation to Apostasy24. Prophecy—What You Should Know About It!26. By What Authority Do We Exist?29. Does the Church Need a Ministry?30. Should the Church Enforce Doctrine?31. What Is the Work of God?32. True Christian Fellowship Today!33. Persecution and Martyrdom for Whom?34. The Truth About Anti-Church of God Literature!35. Tithing Today?36. The Sacred Name—Is It Sacred or Mystical?37. The Hope of Life After Death—What Is It?38. All of God's Word for Christians Today?39. Was the Worldwide Church of God the True Church?40. Babylonianism—Historical and Prophetic41. The Seventh Day Sabbath—Is It Abolished?42. The Migrations of Israel43. What Is the Holy Spirit?44. The Trinity and the Nature of God45. Polygamy—Is It a Blessing or a Curse?50. Fundamentals of Belief of Church of God, The Eternal

    Fundamentals of Beliefs Series

    51. What Is Man?52. What Is Sin?53. Old and New Testaments—God's Codified Word54. Divine Truth—Both Inspired and Revealed55. Grace—a Divine Gift56. Baptism—a Command of God57. Character—a Building Process58. The Resurrection—From Mortality to Immortality59. Jesus Christ—His Sacrifice and Resurrection60. Satan—Man's Adversary61. The Sabbath—Commanded for Christians Today!62. The Law of Clean and Unclean Meats—Applicable Today?63. Christ's Second Coming—Imminent, Personal, Visible64. War and Military Service—Should Christians Fight?65. Doctrine and Administration—Understanding the Difference

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